Tips For Storing A Wine Collection

A collection of high-quality wines can be a great investment for those that are serious about food and beverages. However, a collection of wine can be remarkably expensive, which makes it essential for homeowners to be actively taking steps to preserve and protect their wine collection, but those that are new to this hobby may find that they are committing some simple errors that could compromise the quality of their wines.

Control The Humidity

Due to the fact that wine is protected in thick glass bottles, people may think that humidity will not be a major factor when storing the wine. However, if you store these bottles where it is excessively dry, it can damage the cork. When this happens, the wine may become extremely difficult to open due to the cork breaking or it may develop leaks around the opening. If you live in an area that is typically very dry, you may want to invest in a humidifying system for the room where you will be storing the wine to prevent this type of cork damage from occurring.

Keep The Wine Bottles Stored On Their Sides

In addition to protecting the exterior of the cork from becoming dry, you will also need to prevent the part of the cork that is inside the bottle from drying out. This can occur when the wine bottle is stored vertically for an extended period of time. Fortunately, you will be able to avoid this issue by simply storing your wine bottles horizontally as this will keep the wine in contact with the cork so that it does not dry out.

Insure Your Wine Collection

A large collection of rare and high-quality wines can represent a sizable investment on your part. Sadly, there can be events that may damage or destroy your wine collection regardless of the safety steps you have taken, such as major fires or floods. While your homeowner's policy will pay for some of these damages, the value of a wine collection may exceed the personal possession benefit limits of these policies, and this can leave you liable for the rest of the cost of the wine. However, insurance companies will frequently allow homeowners to purchase an addendum that specifically covers wines. In some instances, the homeowner's insurance provider may not offer this coverage. If you encounter this problem, you should be relieved to understand that there are numerous providers that can issue this type of policy so that you do not have to fear this risk.

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