Learn How To Drink This Holiday Season While Sticking To A Low Carb Diet

Sticking to a low carb diet during the holiday season does not have to be difficult to do. There are many people who enjoy having a drink or two at gatherings of friends and family but are unsure what they can have once they start a low-carb diet. The following guide walks you through a few tips to use when choosing the beverages you enjoy this holiday season.

Avoid All Flavored Liquors

Flavored liquors typically have a lot of sugar in them to make them taste the way that they do. The sugar has a lot of carbs in it and, thus, will not allow you to stick to your low-carb diet. Try drinking just plain liquors to avoid any hidden sugars this holiday season.

Avoid Premade Ciders

The pre-made cider mixes are quite flavorful, but they, too, are made with a lot of sugar. Apples have a lot of natural sugar in them and are carb filled on their own. Adding sugars and other sweet aspects to create the cider only increases the carbohydrate count. If you really want to have cider during the holidays, make your own. You can use low-carb sweeteners and monitor how many carbs are in the cider so that you can know how much is in it.

Avoid Mixers that Are Not Low Carb

A lot of the premade mixers for alcoholic drinks have a lot of sugar in them to make them taste good. It is best to look for mixers that are low in carbohydrates to ensure that you are not intaking more carbs than you think. Often, sugar-free options are lower in carbs than the sugar filled options.

Do Not Use Juice to Make Mixed Drinks

If you want to stick to a low carb diet and still be able to enjoy spirits, mix them with diet soda, water, or club soda. These options are all carb-free or very low-carb options to consider. Juice and regular soda have a lot of sugar in them and are not part of a low-carb diet.

Before you start drinking, take the time to do some research on the drink that you want to drink. You can often look online to see what the drink contains so that you can determine if it is a low carb option or not. If something is not a low carb option, consider if there are any tweaks you can make to it to make it lower in carbs, such as buying plain liquors and diet soda at your local liquor store, like Liquor Boy.

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